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National Champions Head Coach

07/26/2019, 8:30am CDT
By staff

We would like to recognize two of our very own teams that are now NATIONAL CHAMPIONS (NTBA) :

- 9U-Chaney (Head Coach Sam Chaney)
- 10u/Newman. (Head Coach Trey Newman)

Like all of our coaches, these two guys exude the caliber of men and leaders that we have leading each of our individual teams, and hats off to each of them as well (Sean Mintz, Kevin Scott, Gunsby Dejohnett, Toney Coles, Terence McClary, Adrian Gainey, Wil Jones, Maseo Bolin, Kerry Sargent). BUT this moment is all about celebrating and recognizing these TWO (Sam and Trey).

Congratulations - you're now a National Champion...and that's forever!! So enjoy!!


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